Big Small Farm, Inc.

Sustainability through Aquaculture and Permaculture research, development and training for effective and fruitful living

The Board of Directors of Big Small Farm (BSF) and former Board members, staff and volunteers of an Aquaponic facility in Florida are pleased to announce an exciting new beginning in sustainability research, development and collaborative relational training for the region and around the world…

The leadership of both organizations have been meeting recently and have determined the best of Aquaculture and Permaculture research, development and training is yet to come…

Through the combining of disciplines’ and the knowledge gained over the years within both organizations the new entity will retain the name of Big Small Farm (BSF) and will remain in Dade City, Florida for its primary training, development and volunteer activities.

The new BSF leadership group is currently working on the many internal and logistical requirements needed to properly establish a sound organizational structure, sustainable funding and foundation for its formal launch in the coming months…And, in collaboration with other likeminded gifted individuals and synergistic organizations in the region and abroad BSF will soon revise its web site, Facebook and other social media information outlets for all to see.

BSF will also be publishing over the coming months its new relational training curriculum, internship opportunities and volunteer offerings for the many valued friends of both organizations plus what the public has come to highly value and appreciate…

Stay tuned For ongoing BSF updates and activity information

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New Classes to Start in January 2017

Stay tunned… more information to come.

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