We are inviting all those who believe they have knowledge to share to come and teach a class, whether it’s a basic monthly class or advanced class or workshop. The former are usually free or almost free beginner level classes on growing food on small scale in regenerative or sustainable way aimed at local people interested in this subject as a hobby. These classes are scheduled on the third Saturday of every month at noon.
The latter can be anything from a few hours long pasture workshops for cattle farmers to a couple of weeks long advanced regenerative agriculture design classes for professional designers and teachers.

You choose what you want to teach and let us know by sending an e-mail including an outline of your class. We get to approve or veto your topic but as long as you stay within our area of interest we will probably say “yes”. Based on the past experience with success of different classes, we may also suggest changing things a bit. If we don’t know you, either personally or by reputation, we may ask some questions but basically it’s pretty easy to get approved for a monthly beginner level class. Higher level/paid classes is a much more serious affair that requires more customized approach, so let’s talk about that. But if we don’t know you, it may be better to start with a free class.

Whatever is the topic of your class, we ask that you keep it free from any religious, spiritual or political content.
We will reimburse you for driving to teach a free class and back (50 cents\mile). We may be able to pay you for teaching (to be decided on a case by case basis) but generally that’s limited to advanced level paid classes. Teaching a free class also makes you our volunteer and gives you right to enjoy all the benefits our volunteers enjoy.

If that sounds interesting, please contact us.

We need your financial support to help others live sustainably