Thanks! You can help by joining our team or by making a tax-deductible donation.

Besides obvious ones like helping a great cause, having good time, getting valuable the experience and ability to put that all on your resume, BSF is a recognized 501(c)3 organization, so volunteering for BSF should satisfy community work, internship or volunteer hours requirements (check with your school if that’s the case for you!).

As far as more tangible rewards go, volunteers get discounts for products and services of BSF and its partner farms, ability to attend invitation-only tours, classes and events, reimbursement for certain expenses, preferential access to natural resources and recreational opportunities at BSF and partner farms and first dibs on the volunteer positions that may become regular paid positions.

Please consult your CPA for a definite advice but it is our understanding that while donation of your time is not a tax-deductible contribution, any expenses that you incur in connection with it (including driving) should be.

Please see this here cool flyer, which will tell you who we need right now. And if you feel like spreading the word in electronic or printed form – hey, who are we to stop you!

If you’d rather plant things and fix fences – please Contact Us, there is plenty of need for that, too!


  • Tables, chairs and white board for classes (tables and chairs need to be able to withstand the weather as they will be outside a lot).
  • Posts and boards for signs and someone who can paint/cut out of wood /burn names of different places on these signs, so our volunteers can find the right place quickly.
  • Lumber of all kinds
  • Landscaping materials of all kinds, including crashed concrete aka urbanite
    Fencing stuff of all kinds
  • Any organic materials (anything that was living at some point) free of chemical contamination
    Plants – seeds, cuttings, potted trees, etc.
  • Money – we usually have a few projects that need funding at any given moment – please talk to us and we probably can choose one that will fit your idea of money well spent.

We need your financial support to help others live sustainably