Are you an experienced farmer with a proven track record? You’re on the wrong page, please proceed to our partners page.

Are you just starting or thinking about starting your own farm? Congratulations, you’ve come to the right place, read on!

What can we do for you? Quite a lot, actually – among our members we have a lot of knowledge, access to land, financing, marketing and so on. But probably the most important way in which we can help you is help with creating a name and reputation in the farming community, because you need those to get access to everything else. Why would anybody lease the land or loan money to someone they don’t know, someone who hasn’t proven that they have what it takes to be a farmer? (Make no mistake – farming is an extremely hard occupation, both physically and mentally; there is a very good reason why in history of pretty much every country on the Earth there was a period when the population leaves the farms behind and runs to the cities as fast as they can; the same reason why the survival rate among new farms is very low).

But that starts to sound like Catch 22, doesn’t it? How do you prove yourself if no one will trust you with land or money until you have proven that you can be trusted? Commercial (aka real) farmers don’t have time to teach and select people plus the mistakes on the working farm can be so costly, the poor souls would rather work themselves to death than take a risk with a person they don’t know. This is where BSF can help – our voluteers program is designed to both give our volunteers the skills they will need and to separate the people who have a potential for becoming successful farmers from the rest. And our recommendation goes a long way with our farmer partners because we only recommend the best.

It used to be different – we used to give everyone a chance to jump feet first in the fast stream that is farming. We came to realize that doing this was a disservice to both our “chicks” and the farming community. It’s actually better to sort out people who won’t make it before they invested a lot of time and money. As one of our partner farmers says, “Farming has ruined more good families than alcohol, gambling and infidelity combined”, so if it’s not your thing, you want to learn that early on. And that’s why now anyone wishing to have our help in building his or her farming empire starts as a volunteer with BSF. Let us see you in action! And every time you manage to impress us, a new part of the network will become available to you. Yes, just like the video games.

How do you start? Come for a tour, ask as many questions as you want and let us know that you want to volunteer.

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