About Big Small Farm

Big Small Farm, Inc. (“BSF”) is a Florida non-profit, [501(c)3] faith-based organization whose main purpose is to help inform and teach others through research, development and relational training to become self-sustaining organic farmers and consumers. The vision and mission of BSF is to help; the curious, the beginner and experienced individuals, whether for back yards, community gardens or on farms both large and small alike to become fruitful and sustainable food producers using the best practices of combining Aquaponics and Permaculture to produce the most nutritional food possible for individual, family, plant and animal consumption. In addition, BSF is committed to enabling and encouraging formal and informal relational collaboration to help reduce domestic and international hunger and poverty due to the lack of knowledge of our Creators ways for caring and feeding of all His creation. BSF is located in Dade City where we are privileged to serve and help our “friends” and supporters throughout Florida, the United States and around the world.

To contact us please send an email to info@bigsmallfarm.org
or send mail to P.O. Box 216 Dade City, Fl. 33526

We need your financial support to help others live sustainably