Are you dreaming of becoming a farmer? Looking for help with growing your own food? A chance to meet like-minded people?

Have you ever wondered why do we need to bring citrus from South America and beef from Iowa all the way to Florida? Couldn't we grow it here?

Have you ever wondered if getting your all your food from a supermarket is such a great idea? I mean, if someone you didn't know came up to you on the street and told you to close your eyes and open your mouth because they want to put something in there, would you do that? Well, how much do you know about things inside that shiny supermarket package or people who put it there?

And why some farms look and smell more like a mountain-top removal mining operation or a chemical plant than a place where living things do what they were meant to do?

And, finally, who said that all innovation and action should be limited to the big cities? Because we have more than enough smart, hard-working people right here in Sumter, Pasco and Hernando counties, we have land that wants to produce abundance, we have experienced "old-timers" as well as brilliant teachers ready to share new ideas. We have everything we need to make our food tastier, healthier and help our local community to be stronger in the process - we just don't know that yet.

If that strikes a chord - you've come to the right place! Take a look at our Events, learn more About Us, come for a Tour or check out the Resources!